Given the Scientology tenet that the body is mortal but the spirit is immortal, and given the minister’s role in comforting those bereaved by loss, a funeral ceremony serves to end the cycle of the life passed and focus on the future. Even more significantly, a Scientology funeral ceremony helps the departed end this chapter of life and move forward to the next.

Scientology is rich in knowledge which can help a person live a happier, more productive life. When that life draws to a close, the religion can also help ensure the being is in the best condition possible and is helped on their way to a new life.

It is true that bodies wear out and pass away. But it is also true that the being never does. Scientology funeral ceremonies recognize this truth and impart a profound understanding of the nature of Man.

The Scientology funeral service celebrates the life of the person who has departed his body. Friends and family have the opportunity to say goodbye, to acknowledge and thank the person for what he has done in this lifetime and to wish him well as he moves on to his next. The service is a reaffirmation of the knowledge that we are immortal spiritual beings.

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